Flawless Salon Nails

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Treat yourself to amazing nails with Finishing Touch Flawless™ Salon Nails.

This electric nail file, sander, and buffer unlocks everything you need for professional pedicures and manicures from home. Whether you want to prep your fingernails for manicures or have thick toenails that traditional buffers don’t work well for, you can rest assured that our portable nail drill and buffer has you covered.

The Flawless Salon Nails is rechargeable so you can use it time and again until the heads wear down, at which point you can simply order replacements online! Not only that, but it’s cordless too, making it portable and super convenient — coming with you wherever you need it.

Manicure Buff Cleanup Gel Residue Remove Cuticles

About Flawless Salon Nails

Experience perfect salon manicures and pedicures from home with the rechargeable electric nail file from Finishing Touch Flawless™.

Using this wonderful sleek, high-quality, cordless nail file, you can level up your self-care and save yourself a trip to the beauty salon. With Salon Nails you can buff dull, drab, and thick nails for an instant natural shine. Shape and file chipped nails to completely rejuvenate damaged nails and remove unsightly cuticles and gel residue for ready-to-polish nails.

With six replacement heads for our professional-quality nail buffer, achieve all of your nail needs without spending precious time and money on a visit to the nail technician. This professional manicure and pedicure nail tool is also built with an integrated LED light and has two different speeds, allowing you to achieve your dream, luxury set of nails easily and effortlessly.

If using on your feet, finish off your pedicure with the Flawless Pedi that leaves you with silky-soft heels.

Item Specifications
Model No
Product Type
Nail Care
LED Beauty light
5V= 500mA
Yes - Standard charging system
Battery Type
Lithium Ion
Unit Weight (kg)
Shipping Weight (kg)
Height - with Tip/Brush (cm)
Max Base Width (cm)
Max Base Depth (cm)
Product Benefits

Get beautiful nails in the safety & comfort of your own home

Shape & file, grind & smooth, buff & shine and clean-up your nails like a pro!

Product Features

Salon-quality tool

Forward & reverse, Hi/Lo speeds for fast and easy use

LED light for a clear view of the nails


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