This is Finishing Touch Flawless®


Our mission

Our mission is to help women everywhere look and feel their best. We bring you the best, most stylish beauty solutions that will give a finishing touch to your skincare routines, anywhere, any time.

We’ve all been there

We’ve all experienced the ‘uh-oh’ moment when you see a stray chin hair, notice a shadow over your lip, or spot the dreaded growth of a unibrow.
Whether you're just entering the world of beauty, or a beauty veteran, these moments pop up consistently throughout our lives and impact the way we present ourselves throughout our day.

Beauty. Reimagined

Finishing Touch Flawless® takes away the literal and figurative pain of waxing, shaving and lasering with elegant at-home beauty solutions that are discreet, effective and easy to use, giving you salon perfect results from home – leaving your skin feeling radiant and youthful.

Be flawless from head to toe.

I have little tiny hairs all over my face. Flawless is really really effective. Without that peach fuzz my skin is so smooth, my makeup goes on flawlessly.
Toni Anne
It's a solution to an otherwise daily battle. I just see it and take it right off.
It's painless, easy to control, fast to use, super safe and it's so pretty! I mean it's perfect!
I got the smoothness of waxing without pain or redness