Flawless Nu Razor

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Remove hair from across your body instantly, painlessly and easily with Nu Razor.

Painless No Soap Or Water LED Beauty Lights Rechargeable

Finishing Touch Flawless™ Nu Razor is the next generation hair removal device from Flawless™, for smooth skin every day.

With it's amazing bi-directional pivoting head, the Nu Razor is perfect for instant and painless hair removal.The hypoallergenic, pivoting head floats over your body’s curves without causing any irritation or pain, so you’ll never nick yourself with a normal razor or feel the itch of razor bumps again! Whether you want to remove hair from your legs, body, bikini, arms or underarms, trust that you can painlessly and easily achieve the results you desire with this Flawless razor. For extra protection, the unit also comes with a SensaGuard cover to protect extra sensitive areas.

Don’t have the time to lather your legs in products before you shave? Shave em dry! This wonderful razor provides optimal results without the use of water, soap or creams so you can easily remove hair anywhere, anytime. Never has a dry shave been so safe, easy and deliver such great results!

This sleek and feminine women’s razor also comes with an integrated LED light to illuminate the skin, ensuring you never miss a spot!

Item Specifications
Model No
Product Type
Hair Removal
LED Beauty light
5V = 500mA IPX5
Yes - Standard charging system
Battery Type
Lithium Ion
Unit Weight (kg)
Shipping Weight (kg)
Height - with Tip/Brush (cm)
Max Base Width (cm)
Max Base Depth (cm)
Product Benefits

No nicks, cuts, bumps or irritation

Helps conserve water and lasts longer than a disposable razor. Eco-friendly.

Product Features

Bi-direction, shaves up and down; pivoting head floats over curves

Hypoallergenic 18k gold-plated head

No soap, no water, no creams – shave anytime, anywhere

LED in-built light so you never miss a hair

Comes with a SensaGuard cover for sensitive areas

Rechargeable electric shaver

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